DAGStat Conference 2022, Hamburg

Session at DAGStat 2022, Hamburg, Germany

March 31, 2022

STRengthening Analytical Thinking for Observational Studies (STRATOS) – Research, Guidance and Education is needed to enhance data analyses

Organizers and Chairmen: Heiko Becher (Hamburg) and Willi Sauerbrei (Freiburg)


Willi Sauerbrei (Freiburg) and Heiko Becher (Hamburg)
-    STRATOS – aims, tasks, support of the initiative (10 min)

Georg Heinze (Vienna) for TG2 (22+3 min)
-    Selection of variables and functional forms for multivariable models

Veronika Deffner (Munich) for TG4 (22+3 min)
-    Measurement error and misclassification of covariates: Should we worry?

James Carpenter (London) for TG1 (22+3 min)
-    Handling missing data in the analysis: practical guidance for structuring the analysis, choosing the tools, and reporting the results.

General Discussion (15 min)