ISCB 44, Milan, Italy

STRATOS mini-symposium at ISCB 2023, August 31 2023 , 9.00-16.30

Ten years STRATOS initiative - brief summary of progress and plans for the future


Willi Sauerbrei     
Freiburg, Germany

Federico Ambrogi     
Milan, Italy

Program Stratos Symposium (PDF)

Program ISCB conference    

Session 1

Experience and progress with developing guidance for the analysis of key topics in observational research (Slides part 1, part 2)

Sauerbrei W, Abrahamowicz M, Le Cessie S, Huebner M, Keogh R, Carpenter J for the STRATOS initiative  

Level 1 guidance on conducting and reporting sensitivity analyses for missing data

Lee K, Mainzer R, Carpenter J for TG1 

Aims of the new Open Science panel

Luijken K, Hoffmann S, Boulesteix A-L for the Open Science panel  

Session 2

Ongoing research towards state-of-the-art in variable and functional form selection for statistical models

Heinze G, Perperoglou A, Sauerbrei W for TG2 

How to include time-varying exposures prone to measurement error in survival analyses

Proust-Lima C, Philipps, Deffner V, Boshuizen H, Freedman L, Thiébaut A for TG4 

Evaluating the impact of covariate measurement error on functional form estimation in regression modelling

Perperoglou A, Abrahamowicz M, Gustafson P, Kipnis V, Thiébaut A,  Ferreira Guerra S, Freedman L for TG2 and TG4 

Statistical analysis of high-dimensional biomedical data: A gentle introduction to analytical goals, common approaches and challenges

 Ambrogi F, Rahnenfuehrer J, De Bin R, McShane L for TG9 

Session 3

The slowly changing landscape of predictive modeling in biomedicine

Lusa L, Kappenberg F, Schmid M, Sauerbrei W, Rahnenführer J 

Counterfactual prediction for personalized healthcare using observational data

Van Geloven N, Steyerberg EW, Wang J, Didelez V, Keogh RH for TG6 and TG7 

Recommendations to handle patient reported outcome data in oncology cancer trials

Le Cessie S, Goetghebeur E, Thomassen D on behalf of work package 3 of the SISAQOL-IMI consortium 

Comparing quality of life - while alive - between treatment and (external) controls: methods for real world analysis in clinical trials

Goetghebeur E, Reynders D, Thomassen D, le Cessie S on behalf of work package 3 of the SISAQOL-IMI consortium  

Session 4

Panel discussion about the future of STRATOS

Chair: Carpenter J (London, UK)