ISCB 40, Leuven, Belgium

July 14 - 18, 2019 in Leuven, Belgium


Mini-symposium 'Guidance on modern statistical methods for practical use'

Introduction and Session 1

1. Willi Sauerbrei

Short introduction PDF

2. Georg Heinze for TG2

'Towards state-of-the-art in variable and functional form selection for statistical models: research required!' PDF

3. Saskia le Cessie for TG3

'Developing guidance for performing initial data analyses prior to fitting a regression model' PDF

4. Els Goetghebeur for TG7

'Formulating causal concepts and principled answers: the Simulation Learner'

5. Mark Baillie for the Visualization panel

'The STRATOS visualization panel: effective visual communication for the quantitative scientist' PDF


Session 2

1. Terry Therneau for TG8

'Survival analysis guidance'

2. Ruth Keogh for TG4

'Measurement error and missing data: killing two birds with one stone' PDF

3. Axel Benner for TG9

'Statistical analysis of high-dimensional biomedical data: Analytical goals, common approaches and challenges' PDF

4. Victor Kipnis for the Simulation Studies panel

'Issues in modern biomedical simulation studies' PDF