Members of the STRATOS initiative

Steering Group



  • Andrea Rotnitzky


  • Dianne Cook
  • Katherine Lee
  • Petra Macaskill
  • Mark Woodward


  • Georg Heinze
  • Daniela Dunkler


  • Tomasz Burzykowski
  • Els Goetghebeur
  • Ben van Calster
  • Laure Wynants


  • Michal Abrahamowicz
  • Suzanne Cadarette
  • Richard Cook
  • Paul Gustafson
  • Erica Moodie
  • Michael Wallace


  • Per Kragh Andersen
  • Niels Keiding
  • Torben Martinussen


  • Pierre Joly
  • Stefan Michiels
  • Catherine Quantin
  • Anne Thiebaut



    • Heiko Becher
    • Axel Benner
    • Harald Binder
    • Maria Blettner
    • Martin Boeker
    • Anne-Laure Boulesteix
    • Veronika Deffner
    • Vanessa Didelez
    • Hermann-Josef Huss
    • Nadja Klein
    • Helmut Kuechenhoff
    • Joerg Rahnenfuehrer
    • Geraldine Rauch
    • Willi Sauerbrei
    • Matthias Schmid
    • Carsten Oliver Schmidt
    • Martin Schumacher
    • Svenja Seide
    • Peggy Sekula
    • Werner Vach
    • Martin Wolkewitz


    • Laurence Freedman
    • Malka Gorfine


    • Federico Ambrogi


    • Hendriek Boshuizen
    • Patrick Bossuyt
    • Rolf Groenwold
    • Saskia le Cessie
    • Carl Moons
    • Ewout Steyerberg
    • Maarten van Smeden


    • Riccardo De Bin


    • Lara Lusa
    • Maja Pohar-Perme

    South Africa

    • Tom Boyles


    • Neus Valveny



      • Ingeborg Waernbaum


      • Mark Baillie
      • Harbajan Chadha-Boreham
      • Eugenia Migliavacca
      • Marc Vandemeulebroecke


      • James Carpenter
      • Gary Collins
      • Thomas Cowling
      • Bianca De Stavola
      • Stephen Evans
      • Ruth Keogh
      • David McLernon
      • Tim Morris
      • Neil Pearce
      • Aris Perperoglou
      • Rachel Phillips
      • Patrick Royston
      • Kate Tilling
      • Ian White
      • Elizabeth Williamson


      • Melanie Bell
      • Raymond Carroll
      • Eric Jay Daza
      • Kevin Dodd
      • Jessica Franklin
      • Mitchell Gail
      • Frank Harrell
      • Heike Hofmann
      • Joseph Hogan
      • Marianne Huebner
      • Kathleen Kerr
      • Victor Kipnis
      • Roderick Little
      • Lisa McShane
      • Douglas Midthune
      • Sherri Rose
      • Pamela Shaw
      • Jeremy Taylor
      • Terry Therneau
      • Janet Tooze
      • Andrew Vickers

      Additional STRATOS membership categories

      Beside of regular members, the initiative has three additional membership categories:

      Experienced adjunct members.  Experienced researchers who would like to contribute occasionally to specific STRATOS activities, but do not have time commitment needed for regular Topic Group or panel membership. Description & Members

      Propose ideas to improve current and future work, engagement in reviewing STRATOS papers, providing feedback in TGs or panels, but with less of a time commitment than would be expected for regular membership.

      Members: Simon Day (UK), Stephen Evans (UK), Stephen Walter (Canada)

      Early career adjunct members. Researchers at earlier stages of their careers who are willing to participate in specific TG and panel activities. Description & Members

      These are less experienced researchers, with statistical expertise and interests in the area of a specific TG or panel, who indicated interest in STRATOS membership, but do not have the experience required to become full members of TGs or panels. Engagement, at the discretion of TG and panel chairs, would be expected for example, in literature reviews, glossary panel, simulation studies, reviewing STRATOS papers.

      Members: Michael Kammer (Vienna, Austria), Edwin Kipruto (Freiburg, Germany), Kim Luijken (Leiden, Netherlands), Christine Wallisch (Vienna, Austria)

      Clinical affiliates. Clinicians engaged in research, with interests and practical experience with statistical methodology relevant for at least one TG or panel, who are willing to provide feedback and participate in discussions about strategy and direction to make sure STRATOS developments are accessible to a larger audience. Description

      These are experienced clinicians, with good understanding of applied statistics, who are willing to aid in panel issues and the development of level 1 and 2 guidance by engaging in discussions about direction, presentations, internal reviews and other tasks relevant for the initiative.

      Subject to appropriate contributions, members from each of these categories may also become co-authors of the relevant STRATOS publication(s).