Open Science Panel (OS)
Chair:Sabine Hoffmann
Members:Anne-Laure Boulesteix, Daniela Dunkler, Roman Hornung, Michael Kammer, Kim Luijken, Willi Sauerbrei, Fabian Scheipl, Pamela Shaw, Ewout Steyerberg

In recent years, open science practices that reflect the idea that 'scientific knowledge of all kinds, where appropriate, should be openly accessible, transparent, rigorous, reproducible, replicable, accumulative and inclusive' (Parsons et al. (2022)) are increasingly gaining in importance. Despite a growing awareness of their advantages, many barriers remain in the wide adoption of these practices that hold the promise of making science more effective, credible and collaborative. The aim of the STRATOS open science panel is to promote the adoption of open science practices, both within the STRATOS initiative and by providing accessible guidance on how to make ones own research more replicable and reproducible.

Parsons, S., Azevedo, F., Elsherif, M.M. et al. A community-sourced glossary of open scholarship terms. Nat Hum Behav 6, 312–318 (2022).