Series and Articles Recommended in a STRATOS Review of 'Guidance Papers on Regression Modeling in Statistical Series of Medical Journals'

Wallisch C, Bach P, Hafermann L, Klein N, Sauerbrei W, Steyerberg, E. W., Heinze G, Rauch G, on behalf of topic group 2 of the STRATOS initiative (2022): Review of guidance papers on regression modeling in statistical series of medical journals. PloS one, 17(1), e0262918.


Section: Series and articles recommended to read

Depending on the aim of the planned study, as well as the focus and knowledge level of the reader, different series and articles might be recommended. The series in Circulation comprised three papers about multiple linear and logistic regression [24–26], which provide basics and describe many essential aspects of univariable and multivariable regression modeling.


For more advanced researchers, we recommend the article of Nuñez et al. in Revista Española de Cardiologia [22], which gives a quick overview of aspects and existing methods including functional forms and variable selection.


The Nature Methods series published short articles focusing on few, specific aspects of regression modeling [34–42]. This series might be of interest if one likes to spend more time on learning about regression modeling.


If someone is especially interested in prediction models, we recommend a concise publication in the European Heart Journal [31], which provides details on model development and validation for predictive purposes.


For the same topic we can also recommend the paper by Grant et al. [21].

  • Grant SW, Collins GS, Nashef SAM. Statistical Primer: developing and validating a risk prediction model. Eur J Cardio-Thorac. 2018; 54(2):203–8.


We consider all series and articles recommended in this paragraph as suitable reading for medical researchers but this does not imply that we agree to all explanations, statements and aspects discussed.