IBC 2016

July 10 - 15, 2016

Invited Session at the 28th International Biometric Conference, Victoria, Canada


Title: "Methodological challenges in observational studies - current perspectives and future directions in functional form, measurement error and causal inference"

Organizer: James Carpenter


Tuesday 12 July 2016
09:00 - 10:30
Methodological Challenges in Observational Studies - Current Perspectives and Future Directions in Function Form, Measurement Error and Causal Inference
Chair: James Carpenter

  • Michal Abrahamowicz (McGill University, Montreal, Canada) - TG2
    "Unresolved issues in modeling of functional forms for continuous variables in multivariable analyses" - PDF
  • Laurence Freedman (The Gertner Institute, Israel) - TG4
    "Barriers and challenges to the use of statistical methods for addressing errors in the measurement and classification of outcome and explanatory variables in observational studies" - PDF
  • Els Goetghebeur (Ghent University, Blegium) - TG7
    "Appearance versus reality: on reconciling the many faces of causal effects estimated in the medical literature" - PDF
  • Willi Sauerbrei (University Medical Center, Freiburg, Germany)
    "Discussion" - PDF