IBC 30, Seoul, Korea - Virtual Meeting

July 29, 2020 

IBC 2020

Methodological issues in observational studies: promoting best analyses and relevant research

Organized by Willi Sauerbrei, University of Freiburg, Germany

Speakers and Titles:

1. Aris Perperoglou (Cambridge, UK) for TG2

'State-of-the-art in variable and functional form selection: update on splines'

2. Els Goetghebeur (Gent, Belgium) for TG7

'Three causal lessons from our Simulation Learner'

3. James Carpenter (London, UK) for TG1

'Missing data: best practice and beyond in flexible modelling and causal inference'

4. Michal Abrahamowicz (Montreal, Canada) for the Simulation Studies panel

'Designing simulation studies for accurate, generalizable conclusions: recent developments'